Add moisture. Add water to skin. Skin appears firmer and firmer. Prevent skin rash. Vitamin B, vitamin E and collagen to help nourish. Your skin is deeply care.
Essence of the serum immediately moisturizes the whole 5 extracts extracted from Witz Hazel. Rose extract Cucumber extracts, extracts and pythons to nourish the skin dry skin. Strengthens the skin. Leaves skin smooth, soft, moist, tighten pores, make skin smooth, reduce acne, and also have a mild disinfection. Moisturizes the skin without leaving it oily. Skin is flexible, so skin tightening. No presbyopia Eliminate dead skin cells to peel off faster. Helps to tighten pores. Remove wrinkles, acne scars, reduce it on the face is not good. Soften skin Helps to maintain moisture under the
Smoothes and smoothes the skin. Reduce dark spots. Stimulate skin cells to refresh. Helps repair skin cells. Strap up.
Pollen Help restore the skin to a bright radiant skin with a soft, moisturizing look with aura.