Bulgarian Rose Sugar Scrub


Premium sugar body scrub exfoliates from Rose Stem Cell Biotechnology for dry skin to eliminate impurities , and make it smooth and clearer.


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Bulgaria Rose Water  Roses have been a representation of love and femininity for centuries, so it’s no wonder that it has become a major ingredient in many beauty rituals throughout the years.  If you’re big into natural beauty, then Rose water is the way to go. Not only does it smell great but it has amazing benefits for your skin, containing plenty of good for your skin antioxidants.
The antioxidants in rose water protect your skin cells against damage caused by pollutants, UV rays, and other free radicals in the environment. Think of it like you’re very own body armor against all the bad things you come into contact with everyday. These same antioxidants can also


Rose Stem Cell    Alpine roses are ever-ready to adapt to freezing temperatures, UV radiation and incredible dryness. This can be attributed to the roses exceptional regenerative power and properties that protect the plants from dehydration as well as attack of radicals and pathogens. Below are the benefits of Alpine Rose stem cell.


Macadamia Seed Oil   Macadamia oil is an ingredient in many skin care products. Some people claim that there are health benefits to applying macadamia oil to the skin. These benefits include moisturization and the prevention of wrinkles and skin damage.