About us
Creamery Plus Co., Ltd. We are a cosmetic factory that uses a system to control all production processes in accordance with GMP requirements, cosmetics from the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health. We have a professional team with experience and expertise to help you create your makeup brand effectively. And there is a One-Stop Service service. Customers will receive convenience and speed. That we are the manufacturer Our products must see results, safety, without prohibited substances.
Corporate vision (Vision)
Strive to become a health and wellness specialist. And is recognized by stakeholders for honesty, justice, quality, environmentally friendly products. Under the international standards GMP ISO9001 ISO22716 ISO17025

1. Provide a wide range of health and beauty products. And cover customer needs

2. Aiming to produce cosmetics, health products with quality, safety, lawfulness and international standards.

3. Take care of stakeholders appropriately, fairly, with transparency.

4. Continuously develop personnel to have potential to produce good products and services. And always keep up with business changes

5. Take care of the quality of life of employees in the organization to create happiness and harmony.
It is an organization that will share happiness and create good quality of life with all stakeholders.
On the foundation of honesty