Cosmetic factory for people who want to have their own brand of cosmetics.

Creamery Plus is the best cosmetic factory for those who want to create their own brand of cosmetics, it offers cosmetic production, research and development of brand formulations, cosmetic trade registration, quality inspection. Product sourcing and packaging design and product marketing consultation service.
The survey shows that there has been an increase in the number of cosmetic factories in Thailand over the past few years as cosmetic brands have grown in large numbers, resulting in more cosmetic factories but not all of them have. The quality is clean and safe, but you can be sure that Creamery Plus will be factory hygienic, well maintained and developed by professionals.
According to a lot of news we have seen in the media that cosmetic companies have widely produced substandard cosmetics because they want to cut costs, but our Creamery Plus produces cosmetics and builds a brand of cosmetics in the form of The standard of OEM cosmetics makes those who want to produce good quality cosmetics trust us.Our Creamery Plus cosmetic factory is a reliable cosmetic factory that those who want to produce their own brand of cosmetics will receive the best that Definitely want it.

There is a wide variety of cosmetic production to meet the needs of brand owners.

Creamery Plus offers a wide variety of options for cosmetic manufacturers, we are both a Korean cosmetic factory, an organic cosmetic factory, a cosmetic factory, make-up of all types, making cosmetics for a long time is a guarantee. One more thing is that those who want to start building a brand will definitely get something that meets their needs.
The Creamery Plus factory also has a quality team who will monitor every step of the production making mistakes difficult to occur. Make up that has been trusted by many famous brands in Thailand and many other neighboring countries.

Interested in cosmetic production, own brand of cosmetics

Creamery Plus will be the best choice for brand new builders or just starting out in cosmetic production, you can get whatever style you want, with a dedicated team to assist you with the design. We welcome new brand builders. Everyone must be part of the production of high quality cosmetics. Contact for more information at 092-2462332 Email or contact the company at 0922784666 (5 lines).