A facial cleansing gel is gentle on sensitive and problematic skin. The sterilized formula helps maintain moisture and is easy to wash off, cleansing the skin and pores deeply. Facial Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Gel eliminates dirt and pollution residue on the skin. It is free from skin irritants and gentle on sensitive skin with acne problems. It also helps stop bacteria, cleansed the skin deeply, and absorb excess oil. A facial cleansing gel balances the skin with pH5.5 and does not dry out the skin to prepare your skin for the next step of skin cares.

Moisturizing formula cleansing foam kills bacteria that cause acne directly and deeply, but does not damage the skin with ceramide to nourish the skin while washing and keeping moisture with aloe vera extract. Moisturizing Facial Foam makes skin soft and moisturized after washing immediately.

A charcoal cleansing foam protects the skin from pollution, reduces inflammation of the skin with aromatherapy extracts, and detoxes the skin while washing. It deeply cleanses the skin and pores and maintains skin moisture immediately after use.

Snail formula cleansing foam helps reduce 3 skin problems, along with disinfectant extracts and prevents germs penetrating into the skin which can cause acnes. Anti-Trouble Facial Foam also strengthens the skin, nourishes and maintains moisture with aroma extract to soothe the skin inflammation to create the smooth and beautiful skin.

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