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A mask deeply removes dirt and prevents clogged pores to reveal the glowing skin with detoxifying formula that is full of power to absorb excess sebum to nourish and make the skin radiant and soft.

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A moisturizing mask is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin with the main ingredients from HYALURONIC ACID extract that is equivalent to a bottle of essence. It helps the skin to be nourished efficiently without sticky and reduces the temperature of the skin to cool down. It also reduces skin stress and replenishes moisture to the skin thoroughly. Protect the skin from external pollution. Hyaluron Moisturizing Sheet Mask protects skin from heat aging. It sticks to the skin very well.

A moisturizing formula mask for dry and rough skin that helps minimize pores, reduce the production of oil on the face, and smoothen rough skin. Rice Moisturizing Facial Mask turns dull skin to clear skin with its rice extract that is rich in vitamins B1 and B2 Marine Collagen that improves skin flexibility and accelerates the production of elastin fibers to strengthen the skin and to prevent water loss in the skin. The mask sheet from natural plant fibers sticks to the skin perfectly without parabens.

Facial mask products How can it help to nourish the skin?

Facial masking is a method of doing skin treatments. And it is also a way to clean the skin deeply than normal washing. Because the use of a facial mask helps to make the face white Effectively removes the dirt that clog pores. And also helps the skin to recover from pollution for a long time And can also add moisture to the skin Allowing the skin to fully absorb nutrients from nature For smooth, soft and revitalized skin Today there are many forms of facial mask sheets for sale. If you want to know which face mask we should use, which one is better or what kind of facial mask product is suitable for us? We must first get to know this type of product.

Types of facial mask products and their skin care capabilities

Facial masking is another skin care routine that everyone should do. At least 1-2 times a week to nourish your skin after being exposed to heavy pollution. Nowadays, there are also many forms of face mask. For example, a facial mask or a sheet mask is the most popular product right now. Because of convenience, easy to use, just tear the envelope and paste according to the face shape Will feel the coolness, freshness and relaxation on the face More importantly, it also helps restore moisture to the skin as well. Because the product used to nourish is more concentrated than regular skin care products. It helps restore the skin faster or if anyone wants to get the most freshness, can be refrigerated before use. There are also Mask cream, mask, leave it. Then rinse with plain water This type of mark is either rich in cream or mud. It removes the aging top layer of skin cells and corrects skin problems such as reducing wrinkles and dark spots. To make the skin white and clear

Several advantages of the facial mask

In addition to the Mark Sheet, it is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily or combination skin. There are also other advantages. Both portable and easy to use, just tear the envelope. Put a mark sheet on your face for 15-30 minutes, it will make your skin smooth, soft, moisturized, reduce wrinkles and dark spots, especially if you meet OEM with new innovations. Especially liposome particles This will help the serum easily penetrate the skin and deeply nourish it with hyaluronic acid ingredients. That help add water to the skin Then looks luscious as well Will be even better Now, it probably won't be difficult to decide. If interested in building a mask brand What type of sheet mask factory should I choose?

Want to make a sales face mask Has its own brand

Cream Merry Plus Company It is a factory for producing facial mask sheets and mud mask (mask) according to customer needs.For customers who want to have brands with international standards, GMP and ISO9001, with a quality team ready to provide advice. All customers who want to make their own brand of facial mask. Or want to make a sales face mask Within a budget that you can control Please entrust us That has direct expertise in producing standardized mask masks And help develop formulas for your products to be successful in the market.