Men's Intimate Wash


The product cleanses blemishes for men using a special formula from ONYX. a specially formulated product designed to cleanse and address the specific needs of men's hidden spots, ensuring a gentle and non-irritating experience. It effectively eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, providing a thorough and gentle cleansing of those hidden areas. With its refreshing scent, it leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated during use.

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1. ALOE VERA EXTRACT : A concentrated extract from Aloe vera that not only moisturizes the skin but also protects it from irritation and rash caused by sunlight, heat, and pollution. It helps maintain healthy skin.

2. CHOJEONG MINERAL WATER : The finest mineral water in the world, Chojeong Mineral Water has the ability to deliver vitamin C derivatives into the skin more effectively than Deionized water. It is a miraculous mineral water sourced from deep underground, up to 100 meters, and is internationally recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is selected as one of the top three leading mineral waters in the world, alongside Shasta Spring and Apollinaris Spring. It helps protect the skin from daily pollution and contains a high concentration of carbon

3. BLACK COMPLEX : An extract composed of six types of black plants, including Crowberry, Olive, Phellinus linteus, black tea, black sesame, and Elderberry. It has properties that help combat free radicals, inflammation, acne, maintain collagen in the skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin tone and moisture.

4. BLACK GALINGALE EXTRACT : An extract of black galingale that contains BOESENBERGIN A and PANDURATIN A, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It also inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase involved in melanin synthesis, resulting in clear, radiant, and healthy-looking skin.

5. LACTIC ACID (AHA) 90% : Lactic acid, or AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), specifically L (+) Lactic Acid, is a natural acid extracted through fermentation of milk-based foods. It accelerates skin cell turnover, leading to smoother and more even-toned skin.

6. MOISTSHIELD HA : It combines the power of eight types of Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural moisturizing factor found in the skin. It replenishes moisture to the skin, providing hydration from the outermost layer to the inner layers. It also helps maintain the skin's moisture balance and keeps the skin away from premature aging.

7. TEA TREE OIL : An extract from tea tree oil that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, which is one of the causes of acne. It reduces excess sebum on the face and helps unclog pores, resulting in tightened pores and blemish-free, smooth, and clear skin.

8. CITRIC ACID : Citric acid is used in the cosmetics industry to prevent oxidation, adjust pH levels, or act as a buffer in cosmetic products such as hair setting lotions, hair conditioners, and creams. It helps ingredients blend well together and creates a refreshing sensation. It is used to adjust the pH value in creams or gels.

9. CORUM 9230 : It is an ingredient that provides a cooling sensation on the skin, used as an alternative to menthol. It offers a gentler sensation on the skin compared to menthol and can be used in creams and lotions that require a cooling effect after application.

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