6 secrets for restoring sunburn To come back to be healthy again

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6 เคล็ดลับฟื้นฟูผิว

1. Compress with ice

When there is a severe skin burning sensation Until not knowing what to take to alleviate the above symptoms Recommend to rub the clean ice cubes gently On the skin that feels burning and itchy This method can help relieve the initial symptoms. Because ice helps to cool the skin temperature

2. Face mask with cucumber

Using cucumbers and slicing glasses, skin masks can safely help your sunburn. Because cucumbers are cold vegetables. It helps to add moisture to the sunburned skin efficiently. Importantly, cucumbers are rich in many vitamins that are essential to the skin. Regarded as a good helper that women should not miss

3. Wipe the skin with coconut oil.

Picked up a cotton ball soaked in coconut oil Then wipe over the sunburned skin, whether on the face or body. Before showering as usual This method can help reduce sunburn burns safely.

4. Apply aloe vera gel

As you know, aloe vera gel helps in the treatment of burns as well. Importantly, 100% Aloe Vera can be bought at most drug stores. It doesn't have to be complicated to cut aloe vera in the backyard. Those who face the sun hurt the skin until burned. Should be with Aloe Vera Guarantee reassurance, even if that day is a very sunny day.

5. Wipe the skin with fresh milk.

Another gentle method for sun-damaged skin. Just bring a towel moistened with fresh and chilled milk. From then, gently wipe the skin. The sunburned area hurts the skin. Wipe several times gently until the burning sensation disappears.

6. Shower with cold water

After returning from the sun until the skin burns, burning, itching all over the body Recommend bathing with cold water Because this method will help reduce heat to the skin that has been burnt well And most importantly, cold water helps prevent the natural oils on the skin from decreasing Along with helping to reduce the size of the pores as well

When every day we are not able to avoid the sun at all. What must be prepared is the most safe and safe way to restore sunburn. Focused on the issue of helping to add moisture to the skin. And naturally reducing burns

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